twenty seventeen.

A year in review. This year the studio has grown up. We incorporated, we moved into our own space, and we took the time to define what we do and why we do it. We’ve had some good days, met some great people, and shared some choice thoughts on the value of neon post-its.

We’ve had the opportunity to work on interesting projects with amazing people, and really tried hard to document as much of this as we can. Still, there are always pieces of the process that find themselves relegated to our shelves and to our server.

In the spirit of giving, we want to share with you a bit of what we've learned through the public engagement work we've been doing this year—a reflection on our thought process as we begin work on an engagement.

Moving from a black box between the desired outcomes of a good public engagement process ...


... to begin to define key considerations in how that process is designed ...


... then finally define these principles and understand how they fit in to the individual context of each project.


We welcome any and all thoughts on this, the year, and whatever else you're dying to tell us! Otherwise, we'll see you in the new year.


DoUC is a Toronto-based studio who design collaborative processes to create substantive experiences, visualizations, spaces and strategies.


Pioneering Green Communities

The past two years of work with ReWilding and many of the communities around Lake Simcoe has been a huge opportunity for growth at DoUC. We’ve had the chance to contribute to exciting projects and activities, meet so many amazing people and most importantly, see the impact our designs have had on the community. These experiences have been rewarding for us in many ways, but it’s always nice (and humbling!) to receive some outside recognition.

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