Spring Cleaning

In 2016 spring / summer, DoUC is looking forward to the construction of three new permanent sites with our client ReWilding Lake Simcoe.

ReWilding works to innovate in stormwater management by reimagining and revitalizing relationships between people, nature, and spaces.

The Link Community Connection Centre in Georgina is one of these spaces. Engaging the community lead to the design of a new forest planted in the asphalt courtyard. The forest will bring life back to a barren space as well as aerate the impermeable ground and create new techniques for stormwater management.

Last week, DoUC was onsite to meet the local contractors and to test the soil prior to construction and planting. The soil found under the asphalt appears to be in relatively good condition (though we are waiting on test results to confirm). Working in negotiation with a previously built space can offer surprises, which necessitates being open to adaptation of a design to fit new and changing requirements. While cutting these holes, a concrete pad was found under a section of the asphalt which might require a section of the planned forest to be relocated.

Seeing a space in the early stages of transformation is exciting for the studio, and we look forward to the coming construction. Get excited with us and follow updates on construction through our instagram.


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Pioneering Green Communities

The past two years of work with ReWilding and many of the communities around Lake Simcoe has been a huge opportunity for growth at DoUC. We’ve had the chance to contribute to exciting projects and activities, meet so many amazing people and most importantly, see the impact our designs have had on the community. These experiences have been rewarding for us in many ways, but it’s always nice (and humbling!) to receive some outside recognition.

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